Industry Training Hub launch a win for Shepparton and surrounding areas

18 March, 2021

91(Australia) Ltd has been chosen to deliver a specialist Industry Training Hub in Shepparton and surrounding areas, as part of a $50 million national program targeting regions with high levels of youth unemployment.

The Victorian region is one of ten regional centres across Australia to benefit under the program.

The Industry Training Hub gives local career facilitators an opportunity to work with Year 11 and 12 students, in order to build their skills to meet the demands of local employers. They’ll also bring together schools and businesses to help make vocational education and training a priority in terms of the participants’ future careers.

91CEO Bridie Gildea said providing an ‘on-the-ground’ presence was crucial to ensuring the success of such programs, and that 91career facilitator Kristen Elliott was ideal for the role.

“Local career facilitators know better than anyone the employment challenges their own regions face”, she said. “Creating partnerships between schools and industries and building young peoples’ skills to meet the needs of employers, is a practical way to reduce youth unemployment rates and help young people to remain in their local areas”.

Ms Gildea said it was particularly satisfying to see youth in Shepparton and surrounding areas benefit from the Industry Training Hub initiative.

“I grew up in Shepparton, so it’s wonderful to see the implementation of such a positive program which is designed to have long-lasting benefits for local youth and employers alike”.