What our customers say

When clients go out of their way to give us a compliment, it means a lot. It lets us know we're doing things right for them - and it lets you know we'll do the same for you. Here鈥檚 what some of our clients have to say鈥

"I would most definitely recommend this traineeship to all wanting to get started in the IT world. The program is a fantastic way to kickstart an IT career"

"91官网helped me see a career pathway into BHP and I was lucky enough to pick up my apprenticeship as a result. Once you are working for BHP you get the sense that they believe in you, and that you can achieve whatever you want to. It is a great system that can take you as far as you want to go."

"I鈥檝e always been interested in a career as an electrician, either as an electrician or maybe auto-electrical or engineering. My uncle has an electrical business, so my family are really happy that I鈥檓 pursing my interests. Being a girl makes me even more proud to study a trade one day. Everyone at school talks about their certificate training, and I love talking about the work we do in building maintenance."

"Throughout the past few months, we have been supported by Alicia (Apprenticeship Field Consultant at MEGT) as we have navigated the challenges of employing our first direct apprentice. [鈥 We have felt incredibly supported by Alicia; she is prompt to respond, understanding when we have no idea what we鈥檙e doing, and has incredible knowledge of the support available to us as a small business. She has gone above and beyond, and we couldn鈥檛 be more grateful for her support.鈥"

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