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91╣┘═°is a leading employment and training organisation with extensive experience in vocational education and employment support. Our NDIS Employment Pathways team operates as a specialised division within MEGT, dedicated to providing tailored support to participants.

91╣┘═°aims to support young people with disability in their transition from education to meaningful employment. Our goal is to empower participants to develop vocational skills, secure employment, and achieve long-term career success.

If youÔÇÖre receiving assistance through NDIS and youÔÇÖre thinking about employment, why not give us a call?

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Service Delivery

  • Finding and Keeping a Job

    This support is designed to provide assessment or counselling that will help you to successfully engage in employment. It may benefit you if you have, for example, experienced traumatic injury and need significant support (over and above a mainstream employment related service) to develop a new work pathway.

  • School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES)

    These are capacity building supports for students transitioning from school to employment, and they are available during the final months at school and continue post school exit. These supports are designed to plan and implement a pathway to inclusive employment, focussing on building capacity for goal achievement. Capacity building focuses on hard and soft skill development.

  • Customised Employment

    Customised Employment is a person-centred approach to employment supports and services. The goal of customised employment is to tailor a job to fit the skills, interests, strengths and support needs of a person with disability while also meeting the needs of the business.

NDIS Employment Pathways with MEGT

91╣┘═°has developed a simple framework to help you understand the key stages of delivery and what might be included at each stage.

Stage 1 - Take control

A friendly introduction between you and 91╣┘═°to see if we can help you meet your work and education goals, allowing you to decide if 91╣┘═°is the right fit for you;

  • Introduction to our services: A friendly introduction to MEGTÔÇÖs customised employment approach
  • Understand your unique pathway: We will listen to your needs and share our staff profiles to help you decide if 91╣┘═°is a good match
  • Welcome pack and resources: If you choose MEGT, a welcome pack is provided, along with the NDIS LetÔÇÖs Talk 91╣┘═° Work booklet
  • Service agreement: We will work with you to develop a service agreement, outlining the funding block for services that are in line with your NDIS funding, and services required to achieve your goals
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Stage 2 - Make your plan

Collaborate with 91╣┘═°to better understand your employment and education needs in order to make a plan to reach your goals;

  • Needs and goals interview: An interview is conducted to gain a better understanding of your employment and education needs, enabling the development of a customised plan to reach your goals
  • Assessment and discovery: We will explore your strengths and skills through a range of interactions with you and your network
  • Vocational action plan: Focusing on your goals together we will develop a customised vocational action plan

Stage 3 - Build capacity

Be supported to implement your plan to build your capacity towards work through a range of activities;

  • Career exploration: 91╣┘═°encourages you to explore different career options, providing opportunities for job shadowing, informational interviews, to identify strengths, interests, and necessary accommodations
  • Work-based learning: 91╣┘═°offers work-based learning experiences such as internships, apprenticeships, or on-the-job training to develop practical skills and gain real world experience
  • Networking and community connections: Building connections with local employers, disability advocacy organisations, and community members to access resources and opportunities that support work readiness and career development
  • Life skills development: 91╣┘═°provides training in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, travel training and financial management to equip you with essential skills for workplace success
  • Accommodations and assistive technology: 91╣┘═°ensures appropriate accommodations and assistive technology are provided to support your job performance and remove employment barriers
  • Outcome review and reassess: Regular reviews and reassessments are conducted to evaluate progress towards goals. If goals are not met, adjustments can be made by returning to the Needs Assessment phase
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Stage 4 ÔÇô Launch your career

Work collaboratively with the right support and mentoring through on the job education and support in order to set you up for sustained employment and inclusion;

  • 91╣┘═°offers on-the-job education, training, and support tailored to your needs, including job coaching and accommodations as required
  • Sustained employment: 91╣┘═°supports you in securing and maintaining long-term employment aligned with your goals, working closely with employers to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing support
  • Inclusion and workplace integration: 91╣┘═°supports the creation of an inclusive work environment, assisting in building positive relationships with colleagues, navigating workplace dynamics, and addressing any challenges that arise
  • Mentoring and support networks: Access to mentors and support networks is provided to offer guidance, insights, and ongoing support throughout your employment journey
  • Ongoing evaluation and review: Regular evaluations assess progress and effectiveness of support, allowing for adjustments and modifications to the service plan as needed
  • Community connections: 91╣┘═°will help you connect with other organisations to enhance your experience of achieving open employment e.g. DES providers

Our Team

At MEGT, we understand the importance of having staff with the right skills and knowledge to provide quality services. Our professional, friendly, and caring team is trained and qualified to deliver the support you need. If your specific needs cannot be fully met, we will assist you in finding suitable alternatives to help you complete your journey.

NDIS contact details

Should you need to reach out to the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission or the NDIS Info Line, here are the contact details;

  • 91╣┘═°NDIS Employment Pathways 1300 634 846
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Info Line 1800 800 110
  • NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission 1800 035 544 (9am to 5pm local time Monday to Friday excluding public holidays)
  • NDIS Speak & Listen NDIS Translation & Interpreting 131 450
  • National Relay Service 1800 555 727 then ask for 1800 800 100


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Feedback and complaints

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