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The information technology (IT) industry is growing at a rapid rate and the demand has never been higher for talented, knowledgeable and experienced individuals. Virtually every business will require IT talent to be successful.

That’s one of the reasons Microsoft Australia has launched the Microsoft Traineeship Program. It’s designed to support budding IT professionals to take the first steps in a rewarding career, no matter what their age or experience.

An independent report by respected global auditing firm KPMG has found that 90 per cent of businesses would recommend the program, while trainees may earn up to 50 per cent more than other graduates with the same qualifications.

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How does the Microsoft Traineeship Program work?

Trainees are officially employed by 91while being placed with a Host Employer within the Microsoft Australia network. ‘Host Employer’ is the term given to employers who provide trainees with day-to-day work and supervision, on-the-job training and development.

What are the benefits?

Microsoft Traineeship Program participants get:

  • Paid, on-the-job experience within the Microsoft Australia network
  • A Certificate IV in Information Technology delivered by TAFE
  • A strong foundation in all aspects of IT and emerging technology
  • Industry-recognised Microsoft certifications, including specialisations in Cloud skills as part of the Azure Administrator Certification Track
  • Expert support from MEGT, Microsoft Australia and TAFE for the life of the traineeship.

The benefits to businesses include:

  • Direct access to a new and emerging group of passionate candidates
  • Opportunities to grow a diverse, talented team aligned with specific business needs
  • Ongoing support from 91for the life of the traineeship
  • Continued partnership with Microsoft and the ability to increase the pool of Microsoft-certified professionals within their business.

Latest updates

Keep on top of developments with the Microsoft Traineeship Program, the IT sector, and program candidates and graduates.

Skills program

We currently offer two IT-based programs that combine on-the-job experience and certified training. You can find out more here.

Microsoft IT Traineeship Program

With this program, candidates gain paid, on-the-job experience within the Microsoft Australia network, a Certificate IV in Information Technology and industry-recognised Microsoft Certifications.

Career Pathways Program

This version of the Microsoft Traineeship Program, targeted to military veterans, first responders and their families, provides on-the-job experience and supervision to transition to a career in the IT sector.