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Women In Trades

Ignite your trade career and get the mentoring you need to excel

Taking a different path to what everyone else expects takes courage, drive, skill and determination.

91is proud to introduce the Women in Trades (WIT) program. WIT is a new pathway for women to enter the trade industry in their own way. We are dedicated to increasing opportunities for women wanting to enter a trade, supporting women already in a trade, and encouraging trade businesses to onboard more women to their team.

With a wide range of support from start to finish, we are the experts in all things to do with WIT.

Find your 'village' via our Mentoring support, peer-to-peer social groups, and events run by women, for women.

Here's what our apprentices have to say

91has helped more than 4,000 women start their journey into a trade career, and that’s just the beginning! Apprentices have a huge range of support and a team dedicated to help in all areas of their apprenticeship.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to the stories that Maddison, Phoebe and Carys have to tell about kicking goals with MEGT!

Career Hub: where the journey begins

A new career path can be a little intimidating and confusing. That’s why we have a dedicated Career Hub team to answer your questions. Whether it’s figuring out which trade is right for you, or focusing on your career choice and how to get there, that’s what 91is here for.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your ME with 91and fill out the form below to kickstart your new trade career! One of our dedicated Career Hub team members will call you for a FREE career consultation within 2-3 business days.

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Meet our Mentors

The members of our dedicated Mentoring Team are all trained professionals who are dedicated to helping women in trades from the moment they sign up.

They also specialise in helping navigate the trade industry and give tips about how to deal with any potential pressures and stressors about starting careers in a male-dominated sector.

In other words, they’re here to help from start to finish as you complete your career pathway.

Upcoming Events

91invites female apprentices, jobseekers, students and employers to talk about all things related to supporting women in trades, and the best ways to get qualified. You also get an opportunity to chat to members of our experienced Mentoring Team, hear from women who are dominating their respective trades, and even get to see live demonstrations of different trades to see exactly what your new career actually looks like!

For more information about events happening in your state, follow us on or visit our Women In Trade Events page.

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