Group Training Awards

February 2024

Trainee of the month


Liam Howard

Throughout Liam's journey is his traineeship - he has gone from strength to strength. Whilst working with his Host Bunnings - Liam was offered to move into a secondment in the Cyber Security team - to which he has excelled. Liam has always been on top of his studies with coursework & maintained progress in his modules & also certification exams. Liam has successfully gained full-time conversion with Bunnings - which is an excellent testament to his work ethic. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside you seeing you grow & wish you all the best.

Congratulations Liam, keep up the great work!

Apprentice of the month


Oliver Carrier

Oliver has recently commenced his 2nd year Hosted at Liftronics - Hemant. He has picked up a wealth of knowledge and experience within the service and modernisation team. Oliver's Exemplar profile is consistently up to date, receives competencies when attending TAFE and is always pleasant to chat with during our visits. He is very keen and eager to advance his skills not only within the electrical field but also in the mechanical side associated with working on escalators and lifts.

Well done Oliver! Keep moving forward!

Inspiration of the month


Fletcher Sinclair

Meet Fletcher Sinclair a 1st Year Electrical Cabling Apprentice! Fletcher personifies what every employer wants in their apprentice he is positive, enthusiastic, has a team-first mentality, is safety conscious and is respectful. Todd Pavlou, (General Manager of Recruitment and Management Services) joined Jason Allen (91Industry Employment Consultant) who visited Fletcher on a Pastoral Care visit and both left the site visit filled with energy, thanks to Fletcher's positive attitude.

Well done Fletcher, you’re sure to have a bright future ahead!

January 2024

Trainee of the month


Connor Mulholland

Connor has just been announced as the Student of the Month for December 2023 91, with RTO - ACCM, being "recognised for his immaculate coding, succinct answers and excellent knowledge displayed in his Programming with Javascript assessment, which forms part of his Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking)". Student Advisor, Brett said "Well done on being recognised for your outstanding work in the JavaScript module. I agreed with my managers decision when I saw they had chosen you. All of your work has been exemplary, and I look forward to receiving more great work from you in the future". Connor is currently only 9 weeks into his 91Traineeship. There are many 91Trainees nominated each month for this award, however in 11 months of being a Field Officer for the 91Microsoft Program, this is my first trainee to win this award. With a background in retail since 15 years of age, Connor's work ethic, attention to detail and commitment is inspiring, making him a great role model for other trainees!

Congratulations Connor, it’s been fantastic watching you grow and learn throughout the experience!

Apprentice of the month


Bradley Clark

Brad was recently awarded Honeywell's apprentice of the year. To have won this award Brad had to have demonstrated the following: For our graduates and apprentices to be eligible for this award, they must have demonstrated the following:

  • Significant Accomplishments: Demonstrated high performance and outstanding achievements throughout 2023 91.
  • Positive Impact: Made a positive impact on their work environment, team and or the customer.
  • Innovation and Critical Thinking: Demonstrated innovation, critical thinking, or problem-solving skills or contributed to process improvement solutions.
  • Commitment to Development: Exhibited a strong commitment to their own professional development.

Well done, Bradley, it’s great to see you kicking so many goals.

Inspiration of the month


Jye Harvey

Jye has just started his second year in his Parks and Gardens apprenticeship this year and is an absolute superstar! At the beginning of Jye's apprenticeship, Jye was 17 and did not have his car license. Each morning Jye would get up super early and catch public transport to work - he was always on time and if there were ever any issues with a bus running late he would always communicate this with his supervisor. Jye never complained however his goal was to get his license. Jye is now 18 and passed his license in December congratulations Jye - no more public transport! At every 91site visit, Jye always attends with his completed JSA booklet. Jye is always friendly and proactive. Jye has also had to transition to another TAFE due to his previous RTO no longer offering his qualification. Jye has continued to stay up to date with his coursework despite the interferences. Jye is a pleasure to mentor.

Well done, Jye, you’re sure to have a bright future ahead!

December 2023 91

Trainee of the month


Josh Kemp

Josh started his traineeship at the end of 2021, but after 18 months, began struggling with his coursework and fell behind. Our mentoring team worked closely with Josh, encouraging his progress and offering support when and where it was needed. It was at that point that he managed to achieve what our Industry Consultant Steph described as a '180-degree turnaround". Josh knuckled down, completely committed to his work and did the hard yards to catch up. Since then, Josh has gained full-time employment with his host employer, @Techtronic Industries Australia.

Congratulations Josh, it’s been fantastic watching you grow and learn throughout the experience!

Apprentice of the month


Ryan Tesch

Ryan has been a hard worker throughout his Certificate III in Electrotechnology apprenticeship. Not only was he performing well both on the worksite and in the classroom, but Ryan always kept his TAFE eProfiling up to date and attended all his 91site visits despite a demanding workload. We’ve consistently received positive feedback from Ryan’s supervisors about his attention to safety issues, and that he’s always on the lookout to help others and get the job done! We’re told Ryan is one of the best apprentices Ventia QLD has ever had!

Well done, Ryan, it’s great to see you kicking so many goals.

Inspiration of the month


Reuben McDonald

Last year, Reuben was in a motorbike accident and suffered significant injuries to his neck, fractured vertebrae and both internal and external bruising. Incredibly, Rueben managed to return to work in August last year at Boorondara Council and has since completed his Certificate III in Arboriculture. All this, in between regular case conferences, physiotherapy appointments and other medical follow-ups to gain back movement and strength. Reuben even managed to catch up on the coursework he’d missed, returning to TAFE and completing extra blocks to get back on track. Fast forward nine months, and he’s back to full capacity! His courage in the face of such adversity is inspiring, and his hard work proves nothing will be able to slow him down. .

Well done, Reuben, you’re sure to have a bright future ahead!

November 2023 91

Trainee of the month


Emarli Jacka-Raymond

Emarli began her traineeship with the Department of Education in 2021, but unfortunately, her Registered Training Organisation (RTO) was unable to continue supporting her. As a result, she transferred to 91as part of the school-based traineeship project in May 2022. The disruption meant that Emarli couldn’t complete her traineeship before finishing year 12. Emarli’s tenacity and desire to gain the skills and experiences she needed saw her enroll as a year 13 student, to continue working and studying in the field of Community Services, and Aboriginal Support. Emarli has now completed her traineeship, and has been offered ongoing work with her host employer! As a First Nations trainee, she hopes to help support those following in her footsteps.

Congrats Emarli!

Apprentice of the month


Zoe Luby

Zoe started with 91in March 2021, after completing an electrical/carpentry pre-apprenticeship. After her outstanding performance during the interview phase, Zoe was selected for the 2021 Lendlease intake. She is also completing a Certificate IV in Building and Construction at night school, while still undertaking her Certificate III in Carpentry. This passion and dedication were recently rewarded when Zoe won the Apprentice/Tradesperson of the Year at the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Victoria Awards! Her employer told us: “Zoe has made a powerful impression with her competence, positive attitude, and skill and has embraced every opportunity. Her award win is a much-deserved one.”

Congrats Zoe!

Inspiration of the month


Gabily Cherain

Gabily began her tech journey via the 91Digital Skills Cadetship for Women, being placed with host employer Honeywell. She completed the program, which is an accelerated learning pathway for entry-level opportunities within ICT and for women looking to transfer existing skills. Gabily showed an exceptional appetite for learning, so was enrolled in a combined Certificate IV in Cyber Security/Diploma in Information Technology course. She told us: "I’m thrilled to be involved in different projects, which allows me to apply my skills in various contexts and expand my knowledge base. The diverse challenges keep me engaged, and I enjoy the collaborative environment that fosters continuous learning and growth."

Well done, Gabily.

October 2023 91

Trainee of the month


Keegan Sherwood

Keegan was the first 91trainee to start an IT Traineeship with our client, Leap Consulting Pty Ltd. They told us that at 22 years old Keegan has become a valuable team member who always put his hand up to take on opportunities, most recently taking on the task of being the main onsite tech at this year’s Perth Royal Show! That’s a big responsibility, but Keegan was up to the task and took on the responsibility with great maturity, performing at a senior level! Keegan said "I had issues to start with when I was trying to make IT a career. Getting accepted for the traineeship helped open the door to an industry that often will only accept candidates with proven experience. Since then, I’ve been grateful for the many opportunities to improve my skills".

Congrats Keegan, enjoy your $100 prezzee voucher!

Apprentice of the month


Kiet Cook

Kiet is completing his Certificate III in Industrial Electrical with Chevron and has been awarded Apprentice of the Year at the Onslow Chamber of Commerce 2023 91 Business Awards! In his time as an apprentice, Kiet has demonstrated exceptional growth throughout his apprenticeship and has established himself as a trusted and valuable team member. This year he became a valued volunteer within the Onslow community, joining the NAIDOC working group, assisting with a community BBQ, and participating in the basketball competition where he won player of the match!

Keep kicking goals Kiet, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Inspiration of the month


Christine Douglas

Christine is completing her year 12 studies while experiencing vision impairment, but that isn’t slowing her down! Through 91and @microsoft she took on a school-based traineeship in Business Services. "I’ve learned new skills in technology and business, as well as how to operate in a workplace and how to manage my time," Christine says. She has hit the ground running at Microsoft, even running a peer-to-peer workshop with students experiencing various levels of disability on how to make Xbox controllers more adaptable. Developing job-ready skills is all part of the school-based apprentices and trainees (SBAT) experience and offers a world of opportunities for employers to help train the next generation.

We can’t wait to hear more about her success! Well done, Christine.