Connecting new energy apprentices with the best in the business

30 April, 2024

91will play a significant role in South Australia’s ongoing transition towards clean energy, after being awarded a contract to deliver the New Energy Apprenticeships Mentoring program (NEAM).

The program will deliver career-based guidance and advice, including peer support and networking opportunities, for up to 100 apprentices working in clean energy-related jobs.

The contract will be delivered in association with the federal Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) from 15 April 2024 until 30 June 2027. It will link skilled workers with apprentices in industries such as solar, wind, power, hydropower, geothermal energy, bioenergy, ocean energy, battery storage and smart technology.

MEGT’s General Manager of Strategy and Design, Chris Dale, said matching apprentices with industry mentors is key to maximising apprentice retention and completion rates while increasing workforce diversity.

“91has thousands of industry contacts to connect apprentices with and generate a solid pipeline of skills to contribute towards South Australia’s clean energy transformation”, he said.

The program’s key features include connecting apprentices with qualified, experienced clean energy tradespeople, individually-tailored mentoring and regular networking events, which are all designed to improve the apprentice’s chances of completing their qualifications.

There will also be regular networking events featuring TAFE providers, unions, employers, suppliers and other key industry partners so apprentices have the best opportunity possible to ‘be what they can see’.

91will also focus on building career pathways by ensuring apprentices get experience across several types of clean industry workplaces, allowing them to develop leadership and supervisory skills.

“91was first established in 1982 so our business has a wealth of experience helping apprentices get the support they need in all types of industries”, Mr Dale said.

“The clean energy sector is an exciting space with unlimited potential, which is why we’re so excited to contribute towards a solid, consistent pipeline of skills and offer great career opportunities to the next generation of South Australians”.

91is Australia’s largest and only national Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP). Since 1982, it has helped connect more than 1.5 million workers with over 450,000 businesses across the country, including several state-based programs such as the NEAM.